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APS System

Slab System (bonded and unbonded)

A.P.S. are an established market leader in the design, supply and installation of post tensioned structures for the construction industry. With specially developed components for post tensioning applications, APS remains at the forefront of this technology. The APS slab system offers a cost effective and programme friendly structural solution for medium to long span structures.

Multi-Strand System
The A.P.S. Multi Strand System is designed to accommodate from 1 to 48 strands of 12.7mm diameter or 1 to 42 strands of 15.2 dia achieving up to 10,000 KN (1,000 tonnes) of breaking load. Cables are stressed with all strands pulled simultaneously. Anchorages use a self seating wedge system in a machined anchor head. Cables can be stage stressed in stages, re-stressed or coupled as required. APS provide both a bonded and an unbonded multi strand system depending on specified application requirements.

Heavy Lifting Equipment

A.P.S. have a full range of lifting and jacking systems using bar or strand Cables for the lifting of both steel and concrete structures. Using similar principals and equipment we have, systems for the horizontal jacking of large culverts under roads and/or rail lines. The A.P.S. system utilises hydraulic jacking, with various capacity jacks and tendon configurations available to suit any application.

Reinforcing Bar

Coupling System A.P.S. manufacture, supply and install reinforcing bar couplers for all sizes and grade of reinforcement bar from 12mm to 45mm.

Ground Anchor System

Rock bolts, permanent and temporary strand anchors and permanent and temporary bar anchors are all available in the APS range. The Company provides full design and installation services including drilling and long term monitoring. Single Bar anchors up to 1250KN (125 tonne) and strand anchors up to 10,OOOKN (1,000 tonne) are readily available. Where larger load application is required special components can be provided. For some applications, anchors capable of being re-stressed, de-stressed and/or removable can also be provided. Pile testing has also become a common application of the APS anchor system. Australian